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El puente vs. “bridging”

February 13, 2017 admin 0

En nuestra última entrada del blog, discutimos las características del Puente (The Bridge). Varios maestros y maestras nos han preguntado cual es la diferencia entre […]

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The Bridge

January 31, 2017 admin 0

As explained in an early blog post, The Biliteracy Unit Framework or BUF (Beeman & Urow, 2013) is composed of the following phases: Building Background […]

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Dual Language Non-Negotiables

December 14, 2016 admin 0

Establishing non-negotiables are critical to the success of any Dual Language program. Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow have identified the following Dual Language non-negotiables: “A […]

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Content & Language Objectives

November 28, 2016 admin 1

We have been writing content and language objectives in our biliteracy units in order to guide our instruction and our students’ learning process. Since our […]

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Small Group Instruction

October 10, 2016 admin 0

Our students come to us with a variety of needs. The best way to provide meaningful and targeted instruction is by working in small groups. The […]